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Teacher Talk: "Module-based Teaching of American Culture and Literature" by Dr. Doris Liederer

Donnerstag, 06.04.2023

On Thursday, 23 March, Dr. Doris Liederer held a workshop on module-based teaching of American cultural and literary topics. In her talk she reported on how she guides her English language students through a variety of chapters on American history and culture based on her handbook which was published in 2020 . Her materials also contain multi-media tasks that prepare students for their school-leaving exams.

Dr. Doris Liederer has been a teacher of English and Italian at BORG Dreierschützengasse Graz since 2012. 

The handbook is available for purchase at morawa.at (https://www.morawa.at/detail/ISBN-9783990932681/Liederer-Doris/Handbook-on-American-Culture-and-Literature?bpmctrl=bpmrownr.1%7Cforeign.326542-1-0-0 

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